About Kinetic Reactor Technology

Advanced Oxidation Process

  • Our Technology Is Build from the Ground Up to Provide Unmatched Performance
  • Aearation/Oxidation in Sub-Pressure Environment
  • Managed Micro Jets caused by Hydrodinamic Cavitation
  • Gas Exchange
  • Kinetic Reactor Technology is Adressing All Markets Where Fluids and Gases are Involved
  • We do not have Customers, we have USERS
  • Technology and Products
  • Know-How Transfer
  • Collaboration
  • We Believe in Stakeholders not in Agents, Re-Sellers and Standard Commecial Relations
  • We are Owners of Technology, Our Approach is not to Sell the Equipment but to Solve the Problem of the User
  • Kinetic Reactor Technology is More than Technology, Products and Know-How
  • It has Strog Brand Name, Representing New Approach to Fluids Treatment and its Transport Network
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