Kinetic Reactor technology ensures operation without additional chemicals and without harmful waste produced.

Solutions for drinking water distribution

Kinetic Reactor Technology is based on a globally patented process and device (Kinetic Reactor), whose basic operating principles are diffusion (enables gas exchange and ion exchange), shear stress (breaking covalent bonds of molecules) and the formation of micro-jets of the collapse of cavitation cavities and bubbles (microbiological disinfection).

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Solutions for healthcare and health vunerable

Buildings are areas of Legionella and other microorganisms (for example Pseudomonas), scaling and overall low quality of drinking water with all the problems that water as a medium brings with it and are most clearly shown as corrosiveness, calcite excretion, microbiological contamination...

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Water treatment and network management in buildings

The use of chemicals for microbiological disinfection and the prevention of the formation of calcite coatings, clogged and corroded pipelines, non-flowing heat exchangers, deterioration of the thermal efficiency of devices and, as a result, additional burden on the environment and the creation of (dangerous) waste, temperature and chlorine shocks.

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