Kinetic Reactor technology is globally patented technology with 18 patent claims on procedure and device. It is result of Slovenian knowledge and technological creativity.


Kinetic reactor technology is global breakthrough in water treatment, recognized with Slovenian Government Letters of Confirmation and Support. Technology is part of national long-term development strategy and smart specialization.

Kinetic Reactor technology is environmental sustainable technology for fluids treatment. We are not using additional chemicals and we are not producers of (harmful) waste.


Kinetic Reactor technology is application wise capable to perform calcite precipitation prevention, corrosion prevention, microbiological disinfection, removal and neutralization of organic and inorganic load/elements, as well as plethora of specialized applications with gas exchange, oxidation and reduction, extraction, direct synthesis and ionic/charge manipulation.

At the moment, fields of use for Kinetic Reactor technology are municipal and buildings’ drinking and technological water distribution, accompanied with specialized solutions for hospital and residential buildings. Solutions for industry are in implementation, especially cooling/heating solutions.

New segment of applicability is open now – WASTE WATERS with focus on phosphorus and nitrates removal. Two major gaols – extraction of raw materials from waste waters and its reuse for irrigation purposes.

Sustainable solution

Case buildings

Buildings are areas of legionella, limescale problems and poor quality  of drinking water. In buildings, all the problems that water as a medium brings with it — corrosivity, calcite excretion, microbiological resistance, are most clearly shown…

The consequences are, in addition to the low quality standard of water use, economic and environmental. Use of chemicals for microbiological disinfection and prevention of calcite deposits, clogged and corroded pipelines, clogged heat exchangers, deterioration of thermal efficiency of devices and consequent additional burdening of the environment and generation of (hazardous) waste, implementation of temperature and chlorine shocks ...

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Distribution network

One of the key advantages of Kinetic Reactor technology is its capability to prepare water for distribution in a way to use its chemical potential for infrastructure reality – calcite and biofilm linings, requests for pressure and temperature changes, storage, etc. Imbalances in charge equilibrium in short.

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